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At Pathmark Billiards, we believe the best games purchase is an informed one. So, if you plan on purchasing one of our billiards or pool tables from Calgary, take a look at the wealth of information we provide to help you make the right purchase for your home.

Browse Our Catalogue of Custom Billiards and Pool Tables from Calgary

Like a piece of furniture, a billiards or pool table is an investment that will be an integrated part of your indoor living area for years to come. To ensure that investment is something you’ll enjoy, Pathmark Billiards offers custom billiards and pool tables in Calgary.

These tables have been hand crafted in Calgary, using real, solid wooden bodies with genuine leather pockets. That way, they can last you a long time and endure years of play.

They’re also built with a variety of design styles in mind. So when you purchase a table from us, you can find one that suits your taste for a modern edge or a more classic touch.

For any table, you can select the following aspects:

Model — From the contemporary and traditional look of the Florence to the functionality of The Arlo’s hidden seating and optional dining top, you can pick from a unique range of table models!
Fabric colour — Choose from several colours, including a classic green, warm tan, and striking blue.
Finish — Our tables can come in finishes of varying colours from our selection or a customization that matches your home’s décor.

Depending on the model of billiards or pool table you choose, you may even be able to choose its type of wood, leather pockets, and size!

You can learn more about our specific billiards and pool tables by taking a look at the following custom tables we offer:

If you’d like to know more about our custom billiards or pool tables from Calgary, stop by our showroom or contact us today!

Learn about Pool Table Pricing

Now that you have taken a look at our catalogue of billiards and pool tables, you may be wondering what the price of pool tables may be.

Pool tables tend to range drastically in price, but you can determine their value by looking at their material, labour, manufacturer benefits, slate, cloth, and installation.

While planning to purchase a specific pool table, consider its creation and the cost put into that. While sometimes less expensive, pool tables with wood from overseas don’t tend to last as long. Because the wood is accustomed to a different climate, once it hits North America, it is more prone to warping and cracking.

Make sure you can get information from the retailer about your specific pool table’s materials. If you can’t find out, consider looking for a different pool table to be sure about your purchase.

Another aspect that affects the price of a pool table is the labour used. Depending on the quality of the factory and its materials, the price will vary. Typically, the more elaborate tables will need more labour and in turn, require a somewhat higher price.

Manufacturer Benefits
To avoid pool tables that have been marked up significantly in price, seek out the pool table’s manufacturer directly! When buying directly from a manufacturer, you’ll get the benefit of less cost for more value.

A pool table’s slate can also affect the table’s price. While rock is rock, slate can come in varying degrees of quality. Some of the best forms of slate come from Brazil and Italy, where they use state-of-the-art machinery to diamond-hone the slate for the perfect level of playing surface.

You might not realize it, but there are varying degrees of pool table cloth quality. Two of the best types of cloth come from North America and Italy. They offer a tight weave at a high price for years and years of use.

For solid warranty assistance, consider having the company you bought your pool table from handle its installation. That way, you can handle all your pool table needs in one place!

Did you find these factors helpful in handling your pool table purchase? If you feel you still have some questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

See What Room Sizes Billiards and Pool Tables Need

Table Size Playing Area 57" Cues 52" Cues 48" Cues
6’ 33" X 66" 12'4" X 15'2" 11'6" X 14'4" 10'10" X 13'8"
7’ 38" X 76" 12'8" X 15'10" 11'10" X 15' 11'2" X 14'4"
8’ 44" X 88" 13'2" X 16'10" 12'4" X 16' 11'8" X 15'4"
8’ (O.S.) 46" X 92" 13'4" X 17'2" 12'6" X 16'4" 11'10" X 15'8"
9’ 50" X 100" 13'8" X 17'10" 12'10" X 17' 12'2" X 16'4"

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