Five Questions to Ask Before Buying a Pool Table

Buying a pool table for the home can be a good investment, one that will provide fun and entertainment for decades. Choosing the right one is an important step, and there are a few questions the experts at Pathmark Billiards suggest you should consider before making a final selection:

  • What size should you buy? Not only does the size of the table affect the gameplay, you also need to make sure your table will fit in the room where you want to place it. Whether choosing a 7’-, 8’-, or 9’-long table, remember to leave enough room on all sides for players to use their cues comfortably.
  • How much should you pay? A good pool table can be expensive, but as with many other things, you get the quality you pay for. Things like North American hardwood rails, body, and legs impact the longevity of the table. Keep in mind the quality of felt, and even the type of slate — the flat area beneath the felt, and where the game is played — can have a big impact on the longevity of the table as well. A 5/8” slate will be cheaper, but a 1” slate will provide a sturdier table.
  • Is quality maintenance available? The warranty is one thing, but you should also make sure you can get quality after-sale service to keep your table in top shape for years to come. This service will include felt-repair, cue replacements, and most importantly, re-levelling services.
  • Where will the table anchor? Location, location, location! Moving a pool table is no easy task; make sure you place it somewhere it can remain for as many years as possible. In order to protect your felt and cue sticks, pick a place that is usually cool and dry.
  • What accessories do you need? While the table is the centrepiece, getting the maximum enjoyment from your investment requires knowing how to accessorize! Consider equipping your billiard room with quality cue sticks, a good bridge stick or two, and of course, balls. You’ll also want to plan on getting a pool ball rack, as well as a cue stick rack. Making sure you have a good place to store sticks is very important to ensure they remain straight and true for as long as possible. Pathmark Billiards includes these accessories with all of our tables.

For Us, Pool Tables Are Not Just a Game!

Like other sizeable investments, a pool table is one that requires careful consideration and good choices. Pathmark Billiards serves the Calgary area, our Okotoks neighbours, and beyond with expert service and advice. Our custom pool tables are built right here, in Calgary, with quality materials and experienced craftsmanship. Give us a call before you rack ‘em up!

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